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100% Wool Hat-Scarf 'DEER'
100% Wool Hat-Scarf 'DEER'
100% Wool Hat-Scarf 'DEER'

100% Wool Hat-Scarf 'DEER'


Rediscovering traditions of Scandinavian countries and The Baltic Sea States, we find our inspiration in ‘nordic stars’ made by small Estonian family factory. The real treasures – unique items, natural materials only – have been manufactured there for years. 

The octagonal stars are the most recognizable symbol of Scandinavia, which brings us a smile and special Christmas mood.  This funny hat-scarf was created with all the warmth and love… It will keep you cosy even during the coldest winter.

Give the stars to those you treasure…

  • 100% wool
  • unique Scandinavian pattern
  • decorative stickers
  • zero waste packaging
  • space for a book in every box for personalizing the present

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