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Sustainable Gifts by Treasure Box: With Love For You And Our Planet

As Xmas is in the air, we decided to give you a special gift… Well, actually a list of gifts which we chose for you very carefully. Every single item is our great sustainable love – 100% natural, high-quality, long-lasting, personal, ethically made and absolutely beautiful!



Rediscovering traditions of Scandinavian countries and The Baltic Sea States, we find our inspiration in ‘nordic stars’ made by small Estonian family factory. The real treasures – unique items, natural materials only – have been manufactured there for years. 

The octagonal stars are the most recognizable symbol of Scandinavia, which brings us a smile and special Christmas mood.  This double-sided scarf was created with all the warmth and love… It will keep you cosy even during the coldest winter.

Give the stars to those you treasure…



Rediscovering traditions, we can’t help falling in love with jacquard fabric. It’s all about the pattern, which looks that unique due to the way it is applied. It was a French weaver Joseph-Marie Jacquard who invented this technology in 1804 and jacquard technique remains to this day.

We choose cotton-jacquard homeware made by the oldest Russian factory that was always connected to jacquard fabric production. These jacquard tea towels, tablecloths and blankets are double-sided. They give a new look to your interior and stay with you forever and ever.




Natural materials of the hygge-socks (68% wool + angora) give us the feeling of warmth and coziness for every day. The socks are made for many years on the old Estonian factory. Every detail is done to the perfection through the long-term expertise.

Thanks to the traditional combination of premium merino wool and soft angora, this sock guarantees excellent temperature and humidity regulation. The extra soft sensitive cuff, combined with the elastic zone in ankle area, ensures outstanding comfort.





Blankets produced by the oldest Russian factory (est. 1887). 100% natural wool, traditional technologies, no chemical treatment. Wool is renowned for its warmth and crease resistance, as well as moisture absorbing properties. A little bit raw fabric, but…the more you hug it – the softer it gets.  

This warm and cosy high-quality blanket will stay with you (or even with your grandchildren) forever. 




Traditions (with a modern twist) add a little chic to contemporary interior design. Appeal to your happy childhood memories: there was no family gathering without nice crystal glasses.

Enjoy these little “sunny bunnies”, reflecting lights and making brighter everything around.