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Staying At The Concert Hall? Amazing Elbphilarmonie Of Hamburg

This unique piece of architecture in the center of Hamburg looks like an object that was built by future civilizations: unusual shape, a lot of glass, reflecting skylight… Once you see this building, you start to dream about visiting it. Especially when you know that it’s a concert hall and a hotel simultaneously! What is the story of Elbphilarmonie?



There was an ordinary warehouse on the bank of the Elbe for several centuries… until 2003, when architects Pierre de Meuron, Jacques Herzog and Ascan Mergenthaler presented a project of Elbphilharmonie. We were pleased to know, that the old building was not destroyed, but rebuild.





To be honest, we dreamed about getting to one of Elbphilarmonie concerts for a long time. The tickets to a concert is very hard to get, they’re sold out on the second day (so, you need to check the site to buy it). However, one day our dream came true!  



We asked our director, Angela, to share her emotions after visiting Elbphilarmonie:

“It was an outstanding experience and I think everyone should get it sometimes, because this kind of music is a part of modern people’s life. Just choose a concert and go to Hamburg… To feel the music in the right place – with a fascinating acoustic and the musicians so involved and excited with their performance that they know all the two-hours program by heart…

It was one of the most inspirational nights ever. Also I was pleasantly surprised by the stylish look of the National Youth Orchestra of the USA: blue jackets, red pants and Converse sneakers. I think it’s the right thing when the modern music is completed by the modern look”

Angela’s happy face :)




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