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Music & Wine: Rheingau Summer Festival

Great wine, live music, beautiful sights… Looks like a perfect plan for the rest of the summer (or the rest of your life;))! Even if you vacation is over, there’s still a possibility to pick up and go to the Rheingau for a weekend.


Each year since 1988, Rheingau Musik Festival turns the whole wine region near Wiesbaden, Germany into an internationally renowned concert stage. Offering about 170 concerts over several months in over 45 venues – monasteries, churches and castles – it is the largest festival of its kind in Germany. Classical music is the main focus of the programme, but cabaret, lectures and jazz have a firm position too. The blend of international flair and regional charm makes the festival’s special attraction.


The Rheingau

The Rheingau - the crown jewel among the German wine-tourism regions and the entrance gate to the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley, a region of culture, wine, nature and sights. The geography of the Rheingau forms the basis for a unique landscape, which over the course of time has been developed, shaped and turned into a valuable cultural landscape under the influence of man.


The Festival 

Unique cultural monuments as well as cozy wineries are transformed into concert stages for stars of the international music scene, from classical to jazz to cabaret and world music. This year we are taken with the idea of sharing a table with everyone: you can feel this warm and cozy atmosphere even through the pictures!


“The Rheingau Music Festival 2019 should be a place where we celebrate "Courage" as responsible coexistence. A meeting place of cultures, a platform for music from all corners of the world, a meeting place for the curious, a place for a collective concert experience, a gathering of friends”

We are definetely in love with this festival - it's the treasure of the Baltic Sea States too... If you are interested in great wine and even greater music - the Rheingau is waiting for you till the end of August. Find out more: