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Pottery Of Boleslawiec: Seven Hundred Years Of Traditions

Such a simple thing as a mug can set a tone for your day…😍 Our choice and our greatest love is hand-made pottery from Boleslawiec, Poland. Let's find out what's so special about it!


The history of ceramic made in Boleslawiec dates back to XII century. Then it was discovered, that in the vicinity of Boleslawiec a board of ceramic clay, that potters and ceramists could change in the useful work of art. Although the largest of its development occurred in the nineteenth century. At that time were created the largest ceramics factories in Boleslawiec.


The geography lends itself to ceramic work as the area is rich in natural clay deposits; the clay is still excavated today. The clay is plentiful and of extremely high quality. It has a high feldspar and silicon content, and is classified as stoneware after firing. It is fired at extremely high temperatures, around 1100-1300 degrees. The clay is brown to grey in color, and rough in texture compared to finer claybodies such as porcelain.



You can easily recognise authentic Polish (Bolesławiec) pottery by the “Hand made in Poland) stamp on the bottom. The majority of Polish pottery can be identified by its white or cream coloured ceramic with dark blue, green, yellow, brown, and sometimes red or purple motifs. Popular designs include dots, abstract florals, speckles, windmills and also “peacocks eye”.

Currently most original pottery comes from Polish town Bolesławiec and is produced by CPLiA cooperative and the many artists that work under it, either in factories or smaller studios. Majority of the individual artists do their own work, and there is also a movement which produces the traditional heavy brown and white pottery.




Rings, flowers, dots… Unique heat-resistant clay and cobalt shades as recognizable elements of style. Durability, quality, natural materials and a special technique of painting since 1380.

Tableware as a piece of art… Every mug is painted with love, even the stamp is handmade by the fabric owners - sweet married couple. This tableware is so durable that you will be absolutely charmed and keep it for many years. Ceramic mugs made in Boleslavec, Poland are heat resistant, so you can bake a mini-cake in them.

There are two amazing mugs in a box – for her and for him. May your relationship be great and beautiful.