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Peshtemal: Towel With 700 Years Of History

Peshtemal, a flat woven authentic Turkish towel, which represent the best features of Turkish Culture in any aspect of life, have a solid 700 year history. Maybe this fact is one of the reasons we want to share this treasure with you. Turkey is not a country of the Baltic Sea States, but once we try their natural, beautiful and multifunctional authentic towels, we understood, that they are just perfect. No wonder Turkish towels had spread around the world and earned everyone’s love. What do we know about peshtemal?


A staple of Ottoman hamam culture, dating back hundreds of years, the pestemal was originally designed to help individual bathers maintain their privacy. In addition to being highly absorbent, pestemals dry faster than thicker towels. Cotton has long fibers that open up with use, allowing the thin towels to be highly absorbent. It is also used to indicate which region people are from. There are many kinds of peshtemal, with different styles and colors in different areas of Turkey and Iran.

Back in the 14th century, when peshtemal first appeared in the stage of history, producing one single Peshtemal would take weeks and even months. Every loop was weaved one by one by the greatest craftsmen of the era in handlooms which were powered nothing but labor force. Best quality of cotton and the finest madder were used during the production process.

Today, the production process slightly changed. Thanks to automatic looms and weaving machines. The only thing that didn’t change since the 14th century is our sense of quality.

Where it is being manufactured?

Turkish Towels adventures begin during the April cotton planting. Cotton maturates in the warmth of summer months and begins to harvest in September. Since cotton plant are used in all parts, it is the basic building stone of many industries including cosmetics sector. Cotton passes through multi-step process, from the harvest of the plant to the thread. Here, are two noteworthy things, the collection and harvesting of cotton.

Everywhere in the world, cotton is picked up with machine and snatched. In Turkey cotton is collected and harvested by natural methods. The cotton is manually snatched and picked, then the yarn production process is continued by separating the fibers and other parts. In Turkey cotton production is mainly carried out in Aegean and Cukurova region. Because its structure is so soil with natural factors of the region, cotton produced in the Aegean region have a more natural and softer texture. And of course it’s demonstrated by the quality of our Turkish towel (peştemal).

Why to use peshtemal?

Peshtemal is a superb alternative to the towel for bathrooms, pools, SPAs, beaches, sports and for a babycare because: