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Become one of the worldwide platforms uniting ethical producers of the Baltic Sea States with intelligent consumers


What are the core values we believe?



PAUSE: being fully present in everyday life. To treasure moments, to be able to share with others

THINK: to make thoughtful, ethical, informed choices. To be an intelligent consumer

MASS LESS: to fall in love with everything you buy. Consumption in an intelligent and environmentally sustainable way

LOCAL: to be in love with the unique region of the Baltic Sea States: ethical local production with good stories and fair trade. To value local co-existence, think about neighbors’ happiness     

NATURAL: to treasure fibers from nature and limit synthetics. To support factories with a natural source of materials that is close to the production

QUALITY: to have a specific understanding of consuming: really good things can’t cost 3 pennies. Quality over quantity, 1 instead of 1000

TRADITIONS & ROOTS: to choose unique things - made with love and using traditional technologies of the BSS region. Things that can be kept for many years and passed to the children and grandchildren

ZERO WASTE: to care about our planet and support 3R principles – recycle, reuse, reduce


What will we be in the near future?


We will be one of the central meeting points for


    • customers with an intelligent way of consumption – those who would like to know and buy unique high-quality things made in Europe (BSS), made of natural materials of this specific region and with the use of traditional technologies


  • local producers of the Baltic Sea States with good stories, ethical, sustainable production and fair trade


What problem are we solving?


1) We’ll build a platform for everyone who’s interested in specific lifestyle and the culture of the Baltic Sea States

2) We’ll solve the problem of choice by providing full information about the product and the producer

3) We’ll help our customers to discover new ethical brands and unique products

4) We’ll give ability to the traditional and new BSS factories to present themselves and speak with their own voice

4) We’ll connect the customer and the producer on one platform without a third-party


What are we?


We are not just a shop; we are a community for people who doesn’t want to see the borders. We want to say about our product and a new way of consuming, present unique factories of the Baltic Sea States to support them.

We are able to find real treasures for the small businesses, sustainable hotels, cafes, stores etc. We want to help customers find an alternative to mass-market and provide transparent information about our product. We value a new way of consuming.

We hope to become one of the world’s communities uniting customers with the producers of the unique area of the Baltic Sea States. The customers will find a full information about producers, ask all the questions (where, how, when was the product made?) and get the answers.  

We see ourselves as more than a shop, because we want to create a community of people who appreciates high-quality product made by local factories using traditional technologies and natural source materials of the unique region of the Baltic Sea. These products are treasures that stay with you forever.




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