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I Left My Heart In Saint-Petersburg: Civil Coffee Bar

The northern capital is one of the places, where you can easily leave your heart…

Especially, when you travel #slow.  

What Is Slow Travel?

Slow travel is an offshoot of the slow food movement, which began in Italy in the 1980s as a protest against the opening of a McDonald’s in Rome.

The slow food movement aims to preserve regional cuisine, local farming, communal meals, and traditional food preparation methods. This cultural initiative has since burgeoned into a whole way of life known as the Slow Movement, which emphasizes connection to food, connection to families, and, in the case of travel, connection to local people and culture.

If you choose to 'travel slow' and enjoy every moment of your trip – stop, think and ask some locals for advice. This’s how we found this beautiful ‘Civil coffee bar’.

A nice lady (from the hotel we stayed in) told us: ‘if you’d like to feel the spirit of Saint-Petersburg – you should visit ‘Civil’ in the Golytsin Loft’.

The first impressive thing about this place is the location: it’s on the second floor of the 18-th century mansion on the bank of Fontanka-river.

In the warmer months, enjoy your meal outside on the small balcony with the terrific view on the river and Mikhailovsky castle...

The atmosphere and interior design remains good old times with lots of romantic adventures and russian-style parties: you can literally feel the spirit of Petersburg’s high society.

We liked the food too: warming pumpkin soup with pumpkin seeds, cheese pancakes with home-made jam, breakfasts all day long, good coffee and wine cart.

It’s not about eating. It’s more about enjoying your food.

 You can definitely come here by yourself and choose a book from the large collection (although if you can read Russian))), find a cosy place and stuck there with a cup of nice coffee.