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“I like reality. It tastes like bread.” Bagt: Bakery in Hornbæk, Denmark

What was the last time you bite freshly baked bread, still warm, crunchy, with rich taste and aroma? Sorry if we made your mouth watering, we’d just wanted to share our emotions concerning one of the treasures of Denmark. ‘Bagt’ is not well-known, but a really cool bakery that filled our hearts with love and our stomachs with pieces of heaven :))




Such a simple thing as bread can tell you a lot about the local people. Rephrasing the famous Mumin quote - those, who appreciate freshly baked bread, can’t be too dangerous:)) We believe those people most probably think about nature, sustainability, roots and traditions, quality over quantity and other important things.

#SlowTravelling through the Baltic Sea States requires trying local food (and trying not to get fat at the same time, haha) to feel the spirit and a lifestyle of a region. We were lucky to find this little bakery in an old, little and charming fishing village by The Baltic Sea.

Hornbæk was originally a small fishing village around a natural harbour. In 1706, as the first of a number of Danish reforestation initiatives, the Hornbæk Plantage was planted east of the village to prevent entrainment of the sandy soils.

Unique experience: the color of the sea blending with the skyline, bright green rosehip bushes contrasting the light sand, Nordic colored seashells, loving couples walking along the shore…  

On the way to the sea shore we couldn’t help visiting the little ‘Bagt’ bakery. We wanted to find the most delicious thing,  but… It was a challenge, because their pastry is yummy without exceptions! Just look:





Our bakery “Bagt” – in Danish “baked” – is created out of love for the good bread and delicious cakes. We do our best to live up to our own high standards and customer expectations. Our bread is baked from cold-and long-term raised dough and we use our own sourdough that provides the characteristic crispy crust and deep flavour.  We freely admit that we love cakes and have great respect for the proud French pastry traditions. So at “Bagt” you can get traditional Danish and French pastries with our very own touch, because we love to surprise and pamper our customers.
(с) Bagt

All in all, ‘Bagt’ is a place with Danish heart and soul. Highly recommended by Treasure Box.