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Hug Me More: Blankets Collection

'HUG ME MORE' collection reminds us about the important things that unite us – the warmth and care about each other❤️ You can actually be hugged in every country… If not by a man of your dreams, but by 100% natural blanket for sure;))) This wish for ‘sharing and caring’ is particularly true for the people of the Baltic Sea States. Their unique lifestyle inspires us to be more thoughtful about our neighbors, ourselves and the environment. We care about you by sharing ethically- and sustainably-made treasures of the BSS, the blankets made with traditional technologies of the Baltic Sea States, the blankets we love.



Rediscovering the magic of traditions…

Amazing blankets produced by the Russian factory since 1887.

100% natural wool, traditional technologies, no chemical treatment.

Wool is renowned for its warmth and crease resistance, as well as moisture absorbing properties. A little bit raw fabric, but…the more you hug it – the softer it gets.  

This warm and cosy high-quality blanket will stay with you (or even with your grandchildren) forever.

              • 100% natural wool
              • traditional technologies
              • no chemical treatment
              • warm, cosy, high-quality
              • zerowaste packaging
              • made in Russia from the source that is near the fabric



Kelpman Textile

Estonian brand created by Mare Kelpman - textile designer and lecturer whose work has received several prizes in Estonia and Japan.


“For me, most important are high quality, long-lasting materials, small and unique editions and the use of local European producers. This way I can contribute to the promotion of approaches oriented towards minimizing overproduction and overconsumption and help encourage local producers, otherwise the decline of the textile industry will inevitably bring about the loss of unique skills. Producing textiles is like bread making, you have to take care of the leaven.”

Røros Tweed

The Norwegian woollen weaving mill Rørøs Tweed is located on the homonymous mountain town Rørøs in the southeast of central Norway close to the Swedish border.

The company operates a central spinning mill in Rørøs but the blankets and pillows are still woven in homework.

Another special feature is that the wool is only collected from Norway. For the high-quality products, of course, best wool and lamb wool is used.

The blankets are particularly fluffy as well as hard-wearing.

The brand places a lot of value to the design of the patterns which have also folkloric roots and on the other side graphically modern symbolism or the Bauhaus as base.



The Klippan Yllefabrik AB was founded in 1879. Today, the fourth and fifth generations are working side by side, developing the company. Their philosophy is to combine Swedish design with long tradition of textile knowledge.

The brand developed a textile collection in collaboration with famous Swedish designers.

All the blankets and throws are manufactured in their own factory.

They only use natural material in our products and try to use eco-material as much as possible.

"Our philosophy is to only use natural fibers such as wool, linen and cotton for our products. A high quality fiber is essential to deliver consistent high quality and a beautiful result. This is why we have chosen to control and make all our purchasing of raw materials."





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