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How To Fall In Love With Linen

As we talk about summer, there’s no need to mention about falling in love. This season was meant to be the most romantic ever: hot summer days, light breeze, sound of waves and… fresh feelings.  

This summer we are totally in love with our 100% linen collection made in the very heart of the Baltic Sea States. Estonia is known as the oldest manufacturer of the linen fabric, so we went there and found the most beautiful and multifunctional linen pareos / scarves / ponchos - all in one.

The touch of nature: a scarf made of 100% natural linen that feels as a good as a light breeze on your skin. It was made in the very heart of the Baltic Sea States – one of the places, where the linen is traditionally cultivated for centuries.

The remarkable properties of linen will be highly appreciated by those who love natural and organic materials. Linen fabric is an eco-antiseptic, hypoallergenic and highly absorbent. It will keep your skin clean and cool during hot summer days.

Linen poncho will dry in a minute if you get wet under the rain. It gives a very nice feeling to your skin. The longer you wear it, the softer it gets.


Linen is the most natural, organic material, it literally consists of advantages.