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Handed By: The Most Ethical Baskets

Because of the modern course on #zerowaste and reducing of non-recyclable materials, plastic becomes our massive phobia. However, there are different kinds of plastic and ways of using plastic things: some of them are actually noteworthy. For example, durable, sustainable plastic HANDED BY baskets.  


All comes together in HANDED BY products: the unique design, it is handmade for you and they use as many recycled and sustainable materials as possible. Handed By is the leading brand in woven baskets, bags and home accessories. Handmade of materials that leave the smallest possible footprint on the environment, such as recycled plastic and bamboo.

Handed by are fascinated by this traditional craft technique using modern waste materials. Their handprint as logo is seen as a guarantee of quality and originality. By conducting ongoing research into new materials, techniques and applications, they remain ahead with surprising combinations and innovations. 


Fat strap bags are made of 70% recycled plastic.

HANDED BY principles:




From Idea to Product

Handed by home base is a large office and warehouse with a design studio and showroom in IJsselstein (in Utrecht). They continually seek out trends in terms of lifestyle, the home, children and the environment, and speak to clients about their needs. Only the best ideas are developed further in sketches and prototypes.

All the handed by products are made by hand. That takes place mainly in Vietnam and China. Two countries with a centuries-old knowledge of craft techniques, as well as typically Asian traditions and customs. That requires respect, understanding and patience. Handed by believe in their vision: to conquer the world with traditionally produced baskets, bags and other items, made of recycled materials as much as possible.

Handed by offer regular work to approximately 300 qualified craftswomen. All craftswomen work under healthy and hygienic conditions and receive a fair wage. Since they guarantee continual work, these craftswomen are able to improve their circumstances considerably. For example, they are capable of providing for the basic needs of their families and communities, such as health, safe housing and education.

Considering this ethical attitude and the highest quality of products as well, we chose amazing Handed by shoppers for Treasure Box. These baskets of different colors have multipal functions: from a perfect shopper to a decorative flowerpot.