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Forever And Ever... The Wave Made

Not so many things could stay with you forever and be passed to the next generations… One day we understood this simple fact and decided to collect only that kind of things – treasures with an interesting story or a long-lasting history, high-quality, beautiful and unique. Let’s explore a part of our jacquard collection.


Rediscovering traditions, we can’t help falling in love with jacquard fabric. It’s all about the pattern, which looks that unique due to the way it is applied. It was a French weaver Joseph-Marie Jacquard who invented this technology in 1804 and jacquard technique remains to this day (more about the history of jacquard – here).

We choose cotton-jacquard homeware made by the oldest Russian factory that was always connected to jacquard fabric production. These jacquard napkins, tablecloths and blankets are double-sided. They give a new look to your interior and stay with you forever and ever.