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TheBSS are: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden. Why do we decide to collect treasures of the Baltic Sea States? What is so inspiring about this region?

First of all, our inspiration and admiration comes from being thalassophiles and understanding of the importance of this resource for the whole planet. The water of the Baltic Sea is literally unique – no sea on our planet has three different layers which don’t mix, but stay as they are upon each other… And besides, this region is unique with its other natural resources and historical full cycle of manufacturing. 

The Baltic Sea is one of the largest brackish water areas in the world, with a surface area of 420,000 km2. The drainage area of the Baltic Sea is about four times larger than its surface area and is inhabited by around 85 million people

The Baltic Sea region was the most popular British trade route through the Baltic Sea and the Scandinavian Peninsula. Thus the unique traditions of manufacturing began to evolve and some of them still remain.

We think that there’s something common among these countries:

Travelling through the Baltic Sea States, we’ve found

the best places with the local food,

the most breathtaking nature,

the happiest people,

the most ethical and sustainable production, beautiful eco-products and so on…

We’re still excited with all this facts and have a great inspiration to share all these treasures with you.