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Aromatherapy At Home: 5 SENSES Collection

What is the world if not a set of senses and perceptions? Knowing this, we’d like to start an important theme – a discussion about 5 senses and the olfactory sense as one of the main ways of perception. Today we are going to share the unique treasure of the Baltic Sea States – eco wax soy candles for at-home aromatherapy. We had found this soulful family factory in Latvia and couldn’t believe our luck.  Let’s discover our 5 SENSES collection!


Elina Cima created the Munio Candela studio and the first collection of candles in 2008. She has a simple and honest mission: to give people back the power of nature, the source from which we all originate but have lost in modern times. To generate warmth and light which emanates from candles with stories.

Munio Candela’s candles allow people to be themselves. To be a romantic who wants to linger in the memories of summer holidays in the countryside.

A creative spirit looking for a new challenge. Or, a busy entrepreneur who, drained by the fast pace of the city longs for spiritual rejuvenation, alone.

Munio Candela is a chance to feel enveloped by a flowering meadow or a sunlit forest at a moment’s notice, and to enjoy the candle’s power to capture your heart and radiate warmth from within.


Our favorite and the most pleasant therapy begins with the materials of candles:

  • eco soy wax,
  • 100% natural essential oils,
  • flowers, herbs and berries from the Latvian forests and meadows,
  • cotton wick,
  • zero waste packaging.

It’s very important to choose not just fragranced candle, because there will be no aromatherapy effects. Read here how to make a right choice of aromacandle.


There are 4 different forms of candles in our collection, you can choose the best for you and enjoy their natural and sophisticated aroma.

The variety of aromas (all natural) wakes an excitement in our souls. We still can’t choose the favorite one, because all of them are just amazing and have different effects on our minds.




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