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Aigle: One Pair Of Rain Boots For Many Generations. Looks Like a Fairytale?

It’s always not easy to choose something for your kids, your little ‘treasures’. And when the time for the rain boots comes, we just go to a store and grab a pair (having in mind that these boots will be thrown away this year or even the end of this season). Then the story repeats with the next kid. If you think, we fill our planet with the old (God knows what they are made of) boots. And they are not decomposing normally. How to choose a sustainably made and long-lasting rain boots? Meet the Aigle!


Aigle, master rubber craftsman since 1853, continues to hand make its boots in France. Aigle boots, shoes and clothing combine authenticity, style and function. High quality and attention to details are the core principles of every collection design, which guarantee a perfected and long-lasting product.




The art of making the rain boots… that must sound strange, but… just look and tell if you are not already in love with Aigle.



We must realize that not every material is totally harmless, especially for the kids. So, when it comes to rain boots, we need to remember, that there’s three different materials for making them and only one is non-toxic. You can read more about it here.

Aigle rain boots:

  • master rubber craftsmen since 1853, handmade in France
  • made of highly elastic and durable natural rubbers
  • unparalleled comfort and protection
  • light reflective surfaces for enhanced visibility during the night
  • so long-lasting, that your great-grandchildren will be splashing around in puddles wearing this one and only pair of rain boots:))
  • non-toxic, no PVC, no harm to the environment

Choosing only the best for our kids we make our planet happy too!


And also they are just adorable!