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1001 Function Of Peshtemal Towel

When the time comes, we suddenly realize that less is more… So, we try to keep/buy functional items and things we love. If you are also addicted to the idea of reducing the number of things around you – welcome to our ‘less is more’ club :) The secret of having less is in quality and functionality – that’s why we choose treasures which can be used for a long time in different situations. One more treasure by Treasure Box – our collection of peshtemals (turkish towels) with 1001 function.

SPA, hammam, sauna etc.

First things first wellness procedures, beauty treatments, body massages, wrapping, steam bath or hot-air sauna – choose your way of recharging and make it even more pleasant with your own Turkish towel.


Sport activities keep your body fit and definitely influence your mood. However every time you go to a gym you need to put tons of things in your bag including a heavy towel (that becomes unbelievably heavy when it’s wet). We recommend replacing your towel with a peshtemal – there’s a great difference between them in weight and absorbance abilities.



Soft and natural premium Turkish cotton is good enough for your little treasure: use a peshtemal after bath/swimming in the sea, wrap up your little baby or put him (her) on a peshtemal and play.



Peshtemal looks great in every interior and especially bathroom (you can make even a curtain out of this towel) – just choose your size and color. We also have peshtemals which can be used as throws or blankets – they are thicker and warmer.


Turkish towel will replace an ordinary beach towel, because peshtemal is light-weight, high-absorbent and quick-drying. You can use it as a throw or as a beach blanket.

You can also wear peshtemal as a pareo or a top – just use your imagination:)


Peshtemal occupies so little space in your bag, but it brings so much joy when you suddenly decide to stop (or go) for a picnic. Just put the towel on the ground wherever you are and enjoy the beauty of a moment and your meal.

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